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Businesses - General
Registering for tax purposes

Tax basics for small businesses.

Non-Profit organisations

Tax basics for Non Profit organisations.

Record keeping

Start with the 'Basics' to find out which issues affect your business or follow the links to specific topics.


This page provides useful links that will assist employers to meet their Commonwealth tax and superannuation obligations.

Change of circumstances

Changing business circumstances may affect your tax and other regulatory obligations.

Imputation Essentials

Dividend imputation has been a major feature of the Australian taxation system since 1987.Entities that are taxed separately from their members are called corporate tax entities, and they are taxed at the company tax rate, which is currently 30%.

Running a Business From Home

If you operate a small business (not a non-profit organisation) as a sole trader, partnership, company or trust at or from your home, you can use this guide to help you:

  • claim home-based business expenses
  • understand how capital gains tax can apply to you
  • find out where to go for more information.
Have you had dealing overseas

As an Australian resident, you are taxed on your worldwide income. This means you must report all income you receive from foreign business activities in your Australian income tax return.

Home Businesses - What you can claim

You can claim deductions for costs incurred in running your business, provided the expenses are not of a private or domestic nature.

Business calculators

Various rates, calculators & tools available for businesses.

Activity Statement Update Newsletter

Activity statement update helps you prepare your activity statements:

  • letting you know of legislative changes
  • advertising new products and services
  • informing you of new issues, and
  • alerting you to common errors and problems.
Starting a Business
Starting a business - Essentials

This checklist may not show everything you need to know if you're starting in business - but it's a great starting point.

Bizstart seminars

The Tax Office offers a scheduled program of free seminars and workshops for small business operators and those just starting or thinking about starting a new business.